Look through the data compiled during the evaluation and be 100% sure in your decision making!

Rather than buying things off the shelf on their own, most consumers prefer getting a second opinion about the product other than its brand packaging. If one is buying a new chocolate flavor for instance, they’d ask a friend who’s tried it. The same applies to hiring services of various providers, etc.

On the Internet, most people now use social media to shop experiences for various brands. They want to be sure that whoever they’re buying from is “legit” or straight. Most e-commerce understand this need so well they’ve invested in comment and reviews sections at the tune of millions of dollars.

The group that is still lagging behind is the essay writing e-commerce sector. Reviews are not a standard in this sector in order to protect their consumer which ends up hurting some of them. bullyingschool.com is all about reviews in the essay writing industry.

We look at students as consumers

Students buy essays for a variety of reasons. Some of them need time so that they can focus on a startup idea they’ve had while others crave the freedom to enjoy life- this only happens when you’re in college! Whatever their reason, students deserve consumer reports like any other citizen. The reports are aimed at helping them reduce the amount of obstacles they face in their journey as well as help them make the right decisions/choices.

Why we review essay writing companies

The launch of essay writing companies has been all the rage over the past few years. Some of them have set new records with regards to providing top not services to their consumers. The rest however, are in the business only to make a buck with little or no regard to the impact the essays play in the lives of the consumers. We review essay writing services to help consumers discover essay writing companies that want to be discovered- the good ones.

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How we do it

We have been collecting comments and real customer reviews about various essay writing companies. Some of it has been good feedback, but the rest of it has been quite bad. We use the feedback to rank top essay writing companies to make decision making as easy as possible for the consumers. In addition to the customer reviews, our team of dedicated experts also visits each essay writing company to come up with a report they can trust. Make sure you check all these things out for wiser essay buying.